Got cracks? If you do not, you most likely will have them soon enough. Cracks in a parking lot are a common part of the overall upkeep and maintenance of the parking area. Cracks, in and of themselves, do not negatively affect the traffic on the lot. However, the cracks contribute to the loss of structural integrity in the parking lot itself.

What Makes A Crack?

Water enters into the cracks and slowly starts to erode the foundation and support of the paving surface. This then leads to collapsing of the surface in wider cracks, potholes, and broken chunks of paving. Soon there is a real surface problem, which can lead to damage of vehicles.

We Can Help!

A cost-effective solution is to seal the cracks from water and the elements. At Paving Construction Services, Inc., we professionally service the lot to correct the cracks. First, the freshly forced-air-cleaned crack is injected with a heat-applied polymer-based sealant to bond the edges of the crack. Next, we cover over the area with a protective seam. This establishes a barrier against water and considerably extends the life of your parking lot. Give us a call today to discuss your pavement needs!