New concrete comes with certain maintenance requirements that can extend the life of your paved area. One of these is seal coating, a liquid sealer specifically designed to protect pavement. Here are some things that can damage concrete which sealing can slow or prevent.


Pavement is typically in the sun for extended periods and can suffer from this constant barrage of UV rays. A sealant can decrease how much wear and tear your concrete experiences due to UV rays and oxidation.

Thin Cracks

Without sealant, thin cracks can quickly become worse. Repair for cracks should also be sealed to increase the longevity of the paved area. If a crack is left unattended, it could lead to potholes or uneven ground.

Water Erosion

Even with no visible cracks, unsealed pavement is susceptible to erosion. Water is skilled at breaking through barriers and causing lasting damage in a short period. A barrier to prevent such erosion can take many days to cure, but the money saved over time is worth it.

If you own a large area of pavement, make sure it is properly sealed. Sealed pavement can withstand the rigors of sunlight, stress and water much better than its unsealed counterpart. To learn more about the benefits of seal coating, contact Paving Construction Services, Inc. at (800) 965-5422.